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 We ride so they can  drive 

Bike For The Light was originally one man, Johnny Kelley, zig zagging across the U.S. on a bicycle.  Johnny had found that "when you show up on a bicycle, people want to listen".  For several years, Johnny toured the country on a bicycle and used every opportunity to share the needs around the world and the opportunity to make a difference by giving to support Speed The Light.  Speed The Light is a program operated by the Assemblies of God since 1944 with the goal of providing essential transportation and creative communication equipment to missionaries and advocates serving around the world.  Missionaries and advocates have gone to all corners of the world to serve others in need but without Speed The Light, their effectiveness would be greatly diminished.  

In 2012 a group of 9 New Mexicans rode the first Bike For The Light, 500 mile tour in New Mexico.  After raising just over $10,000 for Speed The Light, the decision was made to turn the ride into an annual tour.  What had seemed to be just a crazy idea had become a inspiration for many to join the cause and help to bring hope to thousands around the world.  By the completion of the 5th annual Bike For The Light tour, over $200,000 had been donated to the cause allowing Speed The Light to place six new vehicles and thousands of dollars worth of communication equipment into action.

Each year Bike For The Light, through Speed The Light, partners with other great organizations meeting critical needs around the globe by supplying them with the vehicles and communication equipment they need, enabling their efforts to move forward more quickly and effectively.   


Convoy of Hope - Almost all of Convoy of Hopes vehicles have been provided by Speed The Light.  As natural disasters and world crisis emerge, Convoy of Hope is ready to respond with tractor trailers, trucks, emergency vehicles and it's impressive mobile response unit all provided by Speed The Light.  Having the right equipment is a critical part of being able to gain access to disaster areas to serve those in need with food, water, medical supplies and other response items.  More information can be found at https://www.convoyofhope.org

Teen Challenge  With teen and adult centers across the nation, Teen Challenge is ready to serve thousands of individuals and families effected by drugs and other life-controling problems.  By providing passenger vans, Speed The Light is making it possible for Teen Challenge to transport and care for those in need of help.  New Mexico is home to one men's center and one women's center.  More information can be found at http://www.teenchallengeofnewmexico.com

Free International  Abolishing modern day slavery, is the mission of Free International.  As they work to Find, Restore, Embrace and Empower victims of trafficking, vehicles and communication equipment are essential.  Every 30 seconds someone becomes a victim of human trafficking.  #UntilEveryoneIsFree More information can be found at http://freeinternational.org

Speed The Light -   Speed The Light has thousands of missionaries and advocates serving globally.  Weather through a disaster response, meeting ongoing educational needs, responding to a refugee crisis or medical missions, the vehicles and equipment purchased through Bike For The Light enable more needs to be met, more quickly.     http://stl.ag.org/about/

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