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In 2012 a group of 9 New Mexicans rode the first Bike For The Light, 500 mile tour in New Mexico.  After raising just over $10,000 for Speed The Light, the decision was made to turn the ride into an annual tour.  What had seemed to be just a crazy idea had become a inspiration for many to join the cause and help to bring hope to thousands around the world.  By the completion of the 5th annual Bike For The Light tour, over $200,000 had been donated to the cause allowing Speed The Light to place six new vehicles and thousands of dollars worth of communication equipment into action.


Every single year Bike For The Light grows in participants as well as the funds raised. After nine years, Bike For The Light has raised over 600,000 dollars, with 190,000 raised in 2020! We are so excited to see what the future is going to bring for Bike For The light because we know THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!

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