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Ride Details

When is the ride:

  • We will Ride September 5-9 but the total time of the event is Sunday September 4th-10th .

    • On Sunday, September 4th we will meet in Albuquerque at Harvest Church at 5331 Montaño Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120, at 2 pm to load up and drive to Farmington, NM.

    • Saturday, September 11th we will drive from Roswell to Albuquerque to bring everyone back. We will arrive in Albuquerque around noon.​


How hard is the ride?

  • Remember: This is not a race.  It is a ride.  Riders of all levels participate.  Teams with leaders are created for each level.

  • We highly recommend that you should be able to maintain an average speed of 15mph over the course of the 100 miles

  • Day 1 you will climb 4000-4500 feet of elevation through the 100 miles (you will feel it)


How long will it take me to finish? 

  • Depending on your level, expect an 8 hour day with stops and lunch.

  • Most riders take 6-7 hours ride time.  Faster riders have finished in under 5 hours ride time..


Will you keep track of our finish times? 

  • Since this is a ride, not a race, we do not keep track of finish times.  

    • Plan to use your own bike computer or phone app. 

    • Bring chargers or power banks to keep your equipment powered.

What is the Cost per rider, per day?

  • The ride cost is $120 a day per rider.  Fund raising offers the cost of days 2-5.  For every $100 your “Sponsors” give, $20 of your Day 2 through 5 fees are reduced.  Everyone pays for their day 1. (This is also explained on registration form)


What will It Include? 

  • Your fees ($120 a day) cover room and board for the duration of the ride.  The only items you will pay for are things you want in addition to what is provided. 

  • If we stop at a gestation and you want a Red bull, that is on you.  

  • We provide snacks, water, some drink mixes, some Hammer Nutrition items, breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Where exactly will we be riding? (all of this is subject to weather and wind conditions)

  • Meeting up

    • ​Harvest Church: 5331 Montaño Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120, 2 PM

  • Day 1

    • Start- Colorado/NM border above Aztec NM​

    • End- 100 miles from start towards Cuba NM

  • Day 2​

    • Start- Cuba NM

    • End- Bernalillo NM 

  • Day 3​

    • Start- Clines Corners NM

    • End- Towards Roswell when we hit 100 miles

  • Day 4​

    • Start- Roswell

    • End- TBD

  • Day 5​

    • Start- Roswell

    • End- TBD



  • Lodging is provided starting Sunday night through Friday night. 

    • If you only ride one day, lodging may be provided for the night before you ride or the night after but not both. 

    • You can pay for additional nights if you need a second night as a one day rider,  The cost is usually $60-$100 depending on Hotel.



  • Yes, we are two to a room.  If you prefer your own room you can request it and pay the extra. 

    • The only co-ed rooms are for married people. 


What happens at end?  


    • You just accomplished one of the most difficult things you have ever done!​

    • We usually cry, hug, take pictures, and fall over with exhaustion... really it happened to me the first time. 



  • We recommend a road bike as light as possible (no mountain bikes)

    • For example, a Specialized Roubaix, Tarmac or the like.

    • If you need any help 



  • Even we can’t predict the weather. Be prepared for sunny and rainy weather.

    • Bring sunscreen and rain gear. 

    • It can get cold like 40 degrees.  It snowed once. 

    • It will be hot, like 100 degrees. 

      • Fortunately, the humidity is almost always extremely low.


What happens if the weather is severe? Will you stop the ride?

  • Depending on the route and weather conditions, we have had to change the route. 

  • We have had to stop at 80 miles and make up the missing 20 miles during the rest of the week. 

  • We won’t ride if there is lightning or other sever weather that puts us in danger. 

    • On the other hand, we have had to keep moving forward in a 30 MPH head wind.


Other Q’s

  • Will there be medical support? 

    • We will have medical supplies and riders can get in the van at any point they feel they need a break.

  • How should I prepare? And what should I bring?

    • Train! Make sure you’re ready to ride 100 miles!

    • Get your bike tuned up before the ride

    • ANSI approved helmet

    • Water and snacks you prefer

    • Extra bike tubes and lube

    • Sunscreen

    • Anti-chaffing supplies

    • First aid kit/pain relievers

    • Earplugs

    • Toiletries, towel, biodegradable soap, etc.

    • Rain gear for ride and campsite

    • Extra cash to buy tacos or massages

    • Good mojo and excitement to be on one of the best rides in the state!

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